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Elgon's Treasure

Elgon's Treasure

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Experience the unique taste of Elgon's Treasure – our special coffee that combines the best of Uganda's proud coffee traditions. Grown with love by Mountain Harvest in Mt. Elgon region in Eastern Uganda, this coffee gives you an exceptional taste experience. With an impressive quality score of 87, enjoy delicate notes of chocolate, hazelnut and a refreshing hint of honeydew melon

Flavor profile

Mount Elgon Organic opens with a rich and rich taste of dark chocolate that immediately captivates the senses. As the coffee develops on the palate, the warm and nutty notes of roasted hazelnuts emerge, providing a deep and satisfying mouthfeel. It finishes with a subtle sweetness and freshness, reminiscent of honeydew melon, leaving a lingering, refreshing aftertaste.

This coffee is perfect for those looking for a complex, balanced and ethically produced coffee experience. Enjoy Mount Elgon Organic and experience a cup of coffee that tastes good and does good.


Specification Details       
Origin Uganda             
Producer Mountain Harvest    
Region  Mt. Elgon, Eastern Uganda
Quality A+ / Score 87       
Process Eco-washed           
Drying  Sunflower dried      
 Variants SL-14, SL-28, Nyasaland
Height 1,700 - 2,200 m.a.s.l   
Sieve size 14/16               
Harvest period  October - January    
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Mount Elgon

Mount Elgon Organic is a coffee that really stands out. Grown in the lush and nutrient-rich soil of Mt. Elgon region in Eastern Uganda, this coffee represents the best of Ugandan coffee traditions. The producer Mountain Harvest ensures top quality through sustainable and eco-friendly processes, resulting in a coffee with an impressive score of 87.

This coffee offers a rich and full flavor with delicate notes of chocolate, hazelnut and a fresh undertone of honeydew melon. The eco-washed process and sunflower drying highlight the coffee's natural sweetness and complexity, and provide a balanced and satisfying taste experience.

The coffee is grown at an altitude between 1,700 and 2,200 meters above sea level, which provides ideal growing conditions for the coffee beans. The varieties used SL-14, SL-28 and Nyasaland are known for their high quality and unique taste characteristics. The sieve size of 14/16 ensures an even and consistent quality of each and every bean.

The harvest takes place between October and January, when the beans are at their best. The carefully selected sunflower drying method ensures that each bean retains its full flavor and aroma.

Mount Elgon Organic is a premium choice for coffee lovers seeking an authentic and high-quality coffee experience. Enjoy a cup and let yourself be seduced by flavors from Uganda's mountains.